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  History of our company

The our company was created in 1985 by Mikhail Gorbachev lake a independent car design center in the new spirit 'perestroika' time.
Now company have a engineering, designer group and produce some type of the original vehicles and prototypes.
The first prototypes was 2 sport cars 'Laura' with 'Lada' engine and hand made independent suspension ,stirring and front wheel drive transmission.


 In 1987 by Ministry of transport order we made Mini Van 'Ohta' on the front wheel drive 'Lada' base. This prototype was exhibited in Geneva 'Salon International De L' Auto'

'Luaz-Proto' is a first prototype from the company with technology of the serial productions with new all wheel drive transaxle and new suspensions.


In1989 we got a new design of the 'Kamas' track cabin  and made a model of a prototype track.

From 1990 we have a workshop in the oldest military factory in St. Petersburg where we started production new type of the 4x4 'Pilot' vehicle and made new 'Laura' sport car with 'Audi" turbo engine in the middle of the body and 2 sits.


From 1993 we do armoring vehicles for money curer serves and specialty operate use on the Russian base chesses and imported vehicles.


1995-1998 'Laura 3' cit car joint Russian -American project on the 'Fiero'  base chesses  

'Kanonir' original 4x4 SUV, space steel frame and fiberglass body with 3litr Russian engine and transmission in 2 versions Station Wagon and Pickup produced from 1998 by custom order.


New project with design lake a 'Gelendvagen' by Mercedes, but have a different size and original chesses on a 2 version armoring and Utility, by custom order only.

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